eTextbooks for Sustainable Designs, Builds, Systems, Permits and more.

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Specialists In Modern Off-Grid
Design, Systems & Construction

Residential, Commercial, Government.
Passive House, Earthships & Custom Buildings.
Heightened comfort and self-sufficiency provide security, independence and enhanced living.


Earthships, Passive House, Custom Designs. We design and build super sustainable buildings.

Artfully Crafted

Can be completely off-grid or partial with backup/intertie to city utilities. All designs and floorplans are available with permit drawings and engineer stamp.

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Catchwater, Solar/Wind Power, Heating/Cooling, Waste Water Treatment, Grow Food.

Modern Amenities

Live comfortably, with modern amenities and no utility bills. ‘Tie-in’ to the city grids as backup. Off-grid is security, independence and a good investment.

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The most sustainable building is the building that is already built. Invest in your investment.


Make your home and lifestyle more sustainable and economically efficient. Add any of our systems and components to your home or office building.

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A sustainable builders school with master builders and designers. Class time, field time, & textbooks.

Builders School

Get the best education in the world on sustainable design, construction and lifestyle. Four week curricula. Learn from the best with decades of experience.

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Our Core Values

We are dedicated to high quality, super efficient and skilled craftsmanship. Our primary goal is to provide buildings that are sustainable as possible as affordably as possible. We value the opportunity to work with you.

Our Clients Say

“Especially impressive is how water is used – at least 3x before disposed into a septic system. Homes are built from recyclable materials and use geothermal principles to heat and cool. Books are available.”


“The earthship itself was extremely comfortable and immaculate. In 90 degree heat and 45 degree chilly nights, the 70 degree temperature in the earthship never wavered. An incredible opportunity to live off the grid.”


“Sustainable living with beauty and comfort! The history and the architecture were phenomenal. If the temperatures rose, the homes cooled with summer winds evenings. The outside spaces were quiet and comfortable.”


“His profound and expert knowledge in building sustainable communities is second to none. Jonah Reynolds has innovative ideas and passion to create. He is an incredible force to be reckoned with.”

Philadelphia Client, Love, Loving, Love


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Building Inspiring Spaces

Let us help you make your dreams come true. When you are ready for a professional firm to guide you into the world of truly sustainable living, give us a call.

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