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Heating & Cooling Book, Catchwater Book. $50 each. Digital Downloads. Way Beyond LEED. Sustainable Solutions. How To Books. Construction Drawings.… Read More

Myakka, Florida Earthship

Myakka, Florida Hurricane Resistant Earthship Build

Experience the most advanced
sustainable building in the world.… Read More

Passive House Diagram

Heating & Cooling

Warm in the Winter.
Cool in the Summer.… Read More

web development business support

Solar Powered WebSites and Business Solutions

We reorganize, reposition and redefine businesses to increase revenue, become ‘green’ and increase brand value. Your business deserves an awesome website powered by the sun.… Read More

exterior liquid waste water treatment planter

Liquid Waste Water Treatment

The liquid waste water treatment system is a containment, treatment and distribution system for liquid waste water. This system is similar to the wetlands concept which has long been used in exterior applications for thousands of years by humans and

green remodel bathroom retrofit

Retrofit / Remodel Existing Buildings

Turn an existing building
into a sustainable building.… Read More