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Off Grid and Self-Sustaining Homes with Jonah Reynolds

Have you heard of Earth Ships? This episode is with Jonah Reynolds, Earthship Biotect - which is the number one eco-construction and self-sufficient living design. Off-grid, self-sustainable houses. Absolutely an alternative investment. We talk about their construction, how

Adding a Greywater Systems to your Home – You Need to Know This

Though collection and distribution methods vary, a greywater system offers a way for homeowners to save and/or reuse water that isn't all that dirty. For example, water from a washing machine's rinse cycle is usually clean enough for watering

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Energy Efficient Building Codes Just Got More Difficult.

While big climate bills tend to capture the attention of policymakers and the public, a much less-conspicuous set of rules also plays a major role in decarbonizing cities: building codes. Building codes—in addition to their fundamental role in ensuring

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This school teaches low-income students to renovate houses

- and helps them become homeowners Students at Build UP remodel houses in Birmingham, Alabama, that they can then own, building generational wealth and combating blight. When students graduate from a new kind of school in Birmingham, Alabama, at

Passive house challenge – The Ice Box Challenge

The Passive House Standard for low-energy buildings is being put through its paces in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market. The Ice Box Challenge involves putting two identical 720-kilogram blocks of ice under two separate structures – one built to the

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