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Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity using photovoltaics (PV). Photovoltaic (PV) modules make electricity from sunlight, and are marvelously simple, effective, and durable. They sit in the sun and, with no moving parts, can run your appliances, charge your batteries, or make energy for the utility grid.

OFF-GRID SYSTEMS: Although they are most common in remote locations without utility service, off-grid solar-electric systems can work anywhere. These systems operate independently from the grid to provide all of a household’s electricity. These systems require a battery bank to store the solar electricity for use during nighttime or cloudy weather, a charge controller to protect the battery bank from overcharge, an inverter to convert the DC PV array power to AC for use with AC household appliances, and all the required disconnects, monitoring, and associated electrical safety gear.

solar electricity off-grid systems

Live comfortably and securely knowing you have a reliable power systems for all modern amenities.

When the grid goes down, you will still have plenty of power.

Power Organizing Module Pre-Wired Integrated System

  • Offgrid Power Organizing ModuleFactory tested, pre-wired and pre-configured systems
  • Fast installation—just hang on the wall with the bracket (included) and make connections
  • Off-grid and grid-tied functionality in one flexible system
  • Powerful system in a compact, space-saving footprint
  • Field-upgradable software
  • Ample AC and DC breaker provisions
  • GridZero technology effectively lets users “zero out” the utility grid if enough renewables are present, reducing or even eliminating grid dependence
  • Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) supports a wide range of battery technologies including lithium-ion
  • All components carry necessary ETL certifications

The new POM accommodates all of the essential protective devices in the smallest possible space at the lowest installed cost, making it ideal for applications with modest power requirements such as cabins, chalets, homes, remote communication sites and backup power systems.

Utilizing an extremely compact design and an easy-to-install mounting bracket, the fully pre-wired and factory tested POM is designed for a quick installation, saving both time and money.

The POM includes inverter(s), AC and DC wiring boxes, a Charge Controller(s), DC and Surge Protector while maintaining a small system footprint. The POM is also equipped with battery and PV array breakers, a PV GFDI breaker, an Input-Output-Bypass Assembly, mounting locations for both AC GFCI Type B and EU Type F style outlets, and additional AC breakers.

The POM components carry all of the necessary ETL Certifications allowing for a code compliant installation that saves both time and money while still looking great. The POM is the only choice when you need a fully integrated, reliable power system.

Pre-assembled and pre-wired POM is equipped with inverters/charge controllers. This means that the most advanced Grid/Hybrid inverter features are now available on the industry’s most trusted and proven systems platform, for unmatched flexibility and value.

  • 6 models available for 120VAC or 230VAC applications, ranging from 2500W to 3600W.
  • 50Hz/60Hz selectable for regional diversity.
  • Programmable for seven different modes including GridZero ,which blends utility power and stored renewable energy, minimizing grid dependence; also Support Mode for seamless generator integration.
  • Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) with expanded charging voltages and time parameters accommodates charging profiles of new and emerging storage technologies including Lithium Ion, and Aqueous types.
  • Field-upgradability eliminates system down-time for critical updates.
  • Remote system control and monitoring available through any internet-enabled device with OPTICS RE.

The Power Organizing Module is ideal for residential and commercial applications including cabins, vacation homes, farm buildings, remote communications sites and back-up power systems, with all necessary components integrated into a compact hang-on-the-wall system with a minimal footprint.

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