Treat and clean greywater.
Flush toilets with treated greywater, clean and clear.
Improves and adds to conventional systems without replacing.
Liquid Waste Water Planters provide for prolific Food Production.

waste water treatment greywater planter
waste water treatment greywater planter

The design and layout of the plumbing system is completely normal and conventional. The system outlined meets all International Building Codes. The system is set up (via valving) creating loops. These loops have the botanical treatment cells within them. These loops can be completely by-passed via valving. This does not replace place conventional plumbing, the system outlined is in addition to convention plumbing.

Greywater is regulated by state and local governments and each of these entities have their own, more specific definition. For example, the state of California, in the Uniform Plumbing code defines gray water as:

Greywater is untreated waste water which has not come into contact with toilet waste. Greywater includes waste water from bathtubs, showers, bathroom wash basins, clothes washing machines, and laundry tubs, or an equivalent discharge as approved by the Administrative Authority. It does not include waste water from kitchen sinks, photo lab sinks, dishwashers, or laundry water from soiled diapers.

The use of greywater results in lower fresh water use, less strain on failing septic tanks or treatment plants, less energy and chemical use, reclamation of otherwise wasted nutrients. All of these benefits equal a savings in energy and the natural resource that is water.

waste water treatment greywater planter
  • waste water treatment greywater planter

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Off-Grid Living Systems

Water | Power | Waste Water Treatment | Heating/Cooling

The systems of a building. These are the systems that go into the structural shell of the building for occupancy. Some or all of these systems can be used instead of the conventional methods to provide utilities to buildings. This can make the build more sustainable, secure and healthy than only using conventional utilities.

All systems can have automated conventional backups. All systems can be added to existing conventional buildings as a renovation project.

Living with sustainable off-grid systems enhances our lives, secures our lives and is a better investment than conventional buildings. This increases both psychological and physiological comfort.