With the world reaching its hottest global temperature earlier this month, power grids are being tested everywhere as they try to keep up with the rising temperatures. But battery maker sonnen (spelled with a lowercase “s”) may have the answer — “virtual power plants.”

As the Earth continues to warm, extreme weather events are putting power grids to the test, with 80% of outages in the last 20 years falling victim to the climate. And since severe weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, virtual power plants may be the only answer.

So what exactly is a virtual power plant? Think of it as a network of renewable energy sharing.

Let’s break that down on a small scale. Say you live in a neighborhood that collectively has solar panels. Some days, like when you’re out of the house all day, you don’t use a lot of your energy (or maybe none at all if your solar energy is more of a backup). But on other days — like if you’re experiencing a blackout due to an unprecedented heat wave — your energy system is working major overtime.

If your neighborhood was set up as a virtual power plant, all the energy you and your neighbors store is shared among you. This means that more energy is being stored over time, and less strain happens when you need to use a lot of energy — like on that 100-degree day.

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