Affordable housing is a critical issue in Taos, New Mexico, and citizens have the power to drive change and foster a community that prioritizes affordability for all residents. By actively engaging in initiatives and supporting policies that promote affordable housing, citizens can contribute to creating a more inclusive and sustainable housing landscape. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the actions that citizens of Taos can take to encourage affordable housing initiatives.

  1. Advocate for Affordable Housing Policies:

Citizens can advocate for the development and implementation of affordable housing policies at the local, state, and national levels. This includes engaging with elected officials, attending public meetings, and participating in grassroots campaigns to raise awareness about the need for affordable housing. By voicing their concerns and support, citizens can influence policymakers to prioritize affordable housing initiatives.

  1. Support Nonprofit Organizations:

Citizens can support local nonprofit organizations dedicated to affordable housing. These organizations play a crucial role in developing and maintaining affordable housing projects, providing rental assistance, and offering housing counseling services. By volunteering, donating, or advocating for these organizations, citizens can help expand their impact and create more affordable housing opportunities.

  1. Engage in Community Planning Processes:

Citizens can actively participate in community planning processes that involve housing developments. By attending public hearings, providing input, and engaging in discussions, citizens can advocate for the inclusion of affordable housing in new projects. This involvement ensures that the community’s affordable housing needs are considered and prioritized in the planning stages.

  1. Explore Co-Housing and Co-Ownership Models:

Citizens can explore co-housing and co-ownership models as alternative affordable housing solutions. These models involve groups of individuals or families coming together to share living spaces and expenses, creating a more affordable housing option. By forming partnerships and cooperatives, citizens can collectively pool resources and create affordable housing opportunities for themselves and others.

  1. Promote Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs):

Citizens can advocate for policies that encourage the development of accessory dwelling units (ADUs). ADUs are additional living spaces, such as a converted basement or a detached unit, within existing residential properties. By promoting ADUs, citizens can increase the supply of affordable housing units, provide additional rental income for homeowners, and create opportunities for multigenerational living arrangements.

  1. Support Density Bonus Programs:

Citizens can support density bonus programs that incentivize developers to include affordable housing units in their projects. Density bonuses allow developers to build additional units beyond the usual zoning limits in exchange for providing a percentage of affordable housing. By supporting these programs, citizens can encourage developers to incorporate affordable housing in their developments and promote greater housing affordability.

  1. Educate and Raise Awareness:

Citizens can educate themselves and raise awareness about affordable housing issues in Taos. By staying informed about local housing market conditions, affordability challenges, and policy initiatives, citizens can better advocate for change. They can also engage in conversations with friends, neighbors, and community members to foster a greater understanding of the importance of affordable housing.

  1. Vote and Support Pro-Affordable Housing Candidates:

Citizens can exercise their voting power and support candidates who prioritize affordable housing. By electing officials who are committed to addressing affordable housing needs, citizens can ensure that housing policies and initiatives receive the necessary attention and support. Engaging in the democratic process is crucial for driving change and creating a more affordable housing landscape.

The citizens of Taos, New Mexico hold immense power to drive change and foster affordable housing initiatives. By advocating for affordable housing policies, supporting nonprofit organizations, participating in community planning processes, exploring alternative housing models, promoting ADUs and density bonus programs, educating and raising awareness, and voting for pro-affordable housing candidates, citizens can create a more inclusive and sustainable housing landscape for their community. Together, they can make a lasting impact and ensure that affordable housing remains a priority in Taos.

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