Mission + Vision


Through creativity, sustainability and respect for all traditions, Takoja is a sanctuary where all individuals are welcome to explore their path of personal, spiritual and social growth.


To build a sustainable community, dedicated to inspiring individuals to be seeds of the future- creating a better world for their children, grandchildren, and seven generations thereof.


Takoja, A Place of Tradition- to hear and answer the call of Mother Earth.

At Takoja all religions and spiritual beliefs are welcome; in this, we see Native American rituals and practice as a medium and a language for what we call “Earth Conscious Spirituality”; where deep connections with the life, resonance, and natural systems of our planet, illuminate and teach us more about who we are.

A Place of Community- to inspire and empower growth in others.

Takoja is rooted in welcoming varying ideas, cultures and experiences so we can further understand each other and the importance of building community and strengthening family.

A Place of Sanctuary- to explore process, dialogue, and self.

Through intimate connections with nature and solitude, introspection occurs naturally at Takoja, igniting new perspectives within our spirit and aligning us with our purpose.

A Place of Healing- to experience the power and vibration of spirit.

The landscape and spectacle of Takoja act as gateways to natural medicines, which play an active role in the cleansing and healing of the soul – Nature and creativity work side by side evolving new understandings of health and wellness.

A Place of Ecology- to become aware of our place in the natural ecosystem.

Takoja is a model for environmental and social sustainability, working together as a community in supporting advocates for change – uniting people and ideas with the natural movement and energy of our planet.

Takoja New Mexico earthship