New York earthship

Not just a house, but a home. New York Earthship.

Chad and Courtney share their “ship” with three contented animals: Koda, a chocolate lab mix; Darwin, a ginger-colored cat; and Ellie (a.k.a Princess), a long-haired, calico. And, on occasion, the two public school teachers also share it with curious visitors who call with questions about the residence. The two make sure to patiently answer all questions about the design and operation of their dwelling, and will cheerfully give room-by-room tours with narrative.

As we walked through the building, Courtney remarked there was a story behind every piece of stone, wood and glass. The elegant, polished floor of slate is constructed from discards donated by a local tile business. Cunning lighting fixtures are crafted from recycled wine bottles donated by family, friends and strangers. Doors, cabinetry, shelving, bedsteads, headboards and flooring were built from salvaged and donated wood, including boards rescued from field bleachers that were torn down at a nearby high school.

Courtney, having never built so much as a matchbox before this project, has become a talented and passionate woodworker, tackling bathroom vanities and dressers with dramatic results. Chad, on the other hand, was a veteran of residential construction having worked on summer crews while in college.

New York earthship

In Mother Nature’s good graces. New York Earthship

The construction practices that make this house so compelling, have also made it appear extreme.

To fully appreciate the radical nature of the DeVoe’s home, it’s important to remember an Earthship is defined as, “1.) a passive solar home made of natural and recycled materials; 2.) with a thermal mass construction for temperature stabilization; and 3.) a renewable energy and integrated water system … an off-grid home with little to no utility bills.” In short, these structures don’t readily conform to the local building codes and regulations found across the country.

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