Unjust systems have been by design – they must be redesigned. JUST is an initiative to realize an equitable future built on a legacy where people and Mother Earth coexist with honor and respect for a shared integrity. Founded around ideals of stewardship as a practice of justice, JUST reminds us that we all have the responsibility to cultivate healthy capacity for all, and respect the well being of our planet. JUST is not just mission driven but is mission organized, and aims to:


Spark equitable change through Sustainability, Architecture, and Community Engagement.

Harness the power of eco-centered design to drive social evolution through environmental transformation.

Inspire new opportunities for awareness, healing, and empowerment through our conduct, process, and product.

just design

JUST is nimble and assembles around need and cause, serving the global community, and Mother Earth in 3 key ways:

JUST Design

Is the mechanism that physically shapes and actualizes the JUST initiative. As an emerging minority owned design studio based in San Francisco, and Los Angeles, JUST Design has championed social and environmental justice projects throughout the country and internationally, providing a unique sense of the inequities that face our global community. Our fully integrated process considers justice at the conception of all our work, and provides a full range of services ranging from architectural design, sustainability and resilient masterplanning, legacy cultivation, art and engagement strategy, as well as carbon and environmental impact forecasting and auditing. We believe the future can be just – design it!

JUST Collaborate

Is composed of trusted individuals, agencies, and organizations that believe in and support the JUST initiative. Combining decades of expertise from thinkers, creatives, and leaders in the fields of architecture, planning, sustainability, engagement, art, industrial design, and education, JUST Collaborate provides a platform for experts to join forces on JUST projects to imagine, innovate, and implement – this occurs at different scales, but is always project specific, and mission focused. We can collaborate to build a healthier future – join us!


Is a collection point for ideas founded in justice, and builds on the JUST initiative through the development of strategies, policies, and curricula. Through fiscal, and non-profit partnerships, JUST Act is a think tank where innovation is seeded, values are cultivated, and projects are grown. At the core, JUST Act serves the underserved, makes the invisible visible, and seeks opportunities to build capacity for self determination, sovereignty, and sustainability. Change cannot stop at empathy – we must leap into action!