The tire is indigenous all over the world as a “natural resource”. Every city is a natural supplier of this item. It can be “harvested” with absolutely no technical devices or energy other than two human hands to pick it up and throw it into a pickup truck. The automobile tire is definitely an indigenous material to every heavily populated area of the planet. It is readily available without the energy and economic impact of shipping to every potential building site.

Tire shops have to pay to dispose of tires. Most Tire shops will be happy for you to take their tires. In some cases, you can approach your local landfill and get your tires there.

tire-pile-oviewOnly take certain tire sizes.
235 16s for course 1, 2 and 3
235 15s for course 4 and 5
225 15s for course 6 and 7
215 15s for course 8 and 9
305 15s for course 10  (14s can be used on the top course)

Wear gloves and load the tires properly and securely in whatever vehicle and/or trailer you are using.

Store tires in a safe place covered with plastic.