Pennsylvania Earthship School Deposit


September 19 – October 17.
Four Weeks: $1,200. $250 Deposit.

Four week workshop comprised of two separate projects.  One in Ambler, PA and one in Tamaqua, PA. 

The Ambler project is a ‘Tiny Earthship’ greenhouse which will be the first Earthship project within a major city in the U.S. to receive a building permit.

The Tamaqua project will be the construction of a grey water and black water system to help a visitor center deal with sewage issues and lack of toilet facilities for the faculty.




Ambler floorplan tiny earthship

There will be both hands on training and classroom training.  The hands on will be at the site with an Instructor at all times focusing on the construction techniques as well as project management and safety. The classroom time will be a combination of slide presentations, hand outs and chalk board lessons.

The grey water and black water project will be mostly hands on.  Most of the water classes will be taught prior to arriving at the site.

The Earthship School Curriculum includes the following classes.

Catchwater & Water Heating 6 sections (44 lessons)

Liquid Waste Water & Solar Toilet 6 sections (38 lessons)

Passive Solar/Thermal Dynamics Heating & Cooling 10 sections (86 lessons)

All students will receive the following items included in there their tuition:

  • Full Earthship Curriculum pdf textbook
  • Grey water section drawing pdf
  • Black water section drawing pdf
  • Passive Solar/Thermal cooling dynamics poster pdf
  • Circle studio tiny home drawings. pdf

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