Global Model Earthship

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The Global Model Earthship is a scalable protoype for larger designs of 2(+) bed and bathrooms and multiple living spaces. The model shown here is in Taos, NM. Global Model Earthships have been built in numeous places across the World, such as France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, and across the United States. The Global Model performs in almost any climate around the world. The building maintains a stable temperature of 70oF at 3’ above floor level year round with a maximum flucutation of +/- 3 oF. The main features of this design include a double layer of glass (“double greenhouse”) between the inner living spaces and the outside. The use of underground cooling tubes and convection skylights work together to provide ventilation and natural air conditioning for the building.

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3,500 sf. 3bed, 2bath




Ground-Up Turn-Key Residence.

with Earthship Biotecture.

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