Myakka, Florida Hurricane Resistant Earthship

Totally off-grid Earthship residence able to withstand hurricanes. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 3,368 square feet with a central solarium. 2.5kw solar power system with grid-intertie. Catchwater with water organizing module for potable water, self-contained well as backup. Waste water treatment on-site with leach field as backup. Keeps cool with thermal and solar dynamics without fossil fuels. Can grow a huge amount of food and flowers. Built with recycled materials and has little to no fossil fuels or utility bills to operate and maintain.
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Project Details


Myakka, Florida


3,368 sf. 2bed, 2bath

Project Type

Ground-Up Turn-Key Residence. Off-grid with grid intertie / backup.

Florida earthship construction entry
Florida earthship construction entry
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