Encounter Model Earthship

An Efficiency Model prototype for Dwellings from Studio to 2-Bedroom size. It is designed to function as well as the very successful “Global” model but costs about 30% less. Access to this model is directly through the front facade instead of through side air locks in the GLOBAL. The Encounter is entirely recessed into the earth berm and therefore has less exposed facade and glazing. The living quarters of this model are less deep and a vertical front face makes it easier to detail and construct. The ENCOUNTER has not yet been proven in all climates but is expected to work even better than the GLOBAL due to the proportionally higher thermal mass and increased insulation of the surrounding earth berm.


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Project Details


Taos, New Mexico


1,400 sf 2bed, 1bath

Project Type

Ground-Up Turn-Key Residence.

with Earthship Biotecture.

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