The Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC), is an interactive information and service center that is funded by the Office of Housing and Community Development. The Partnership CDC is the office’s fiscal agent. Primarily, we guide people to city services. We also promote civic participation. We are the mediators for all community matters.

Established in 1978 to address the need for quality, affordable housing in the Mantua neighborhood, Mount Vernon Manor additionally serves as a hub for ongoing revitalization efforts and most recently co-sponsored the ambitious Mantua Transformation Plan. Led by Michael Thorpe, Executive Director, Mt. Vernon Manor continues the legacy of the Mantua Community Planners and other like-minded civic agencies in the continued improvement of Mantua’s community infrastructure.

The mission of Mount Vernon Manor is to provide affordable housing opportunities while supporting and encouraging parents to nurture children, foster strong families, and champion a robust and sustainable quality of life.

Mount Vernon Neighborhood Advisory Committee

Interested in joining the Neighborhood Advisory Committee? The next election will be in October 2012. For more information contact the NAC Coordinator,Leon Robinson, at (215) 662-1612.


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