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Society and customers expect more. A sustainable business model delivers

Sustainability is on the radar screen of every major organization. Some organizations, such as Interface, Patagonia and Unilever, have made fundamental shifts to redesign their operations behind sustainable principles. These are sustainability leaders. For most organizations, however, efforts have

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The New Building Materials: Bamboo, hempcrete, recycled plastic and aggregates.

The market for environmentally sound building materials is changing. If you think bamboo can just be used to grow beans up in your garden, think again. Bamboo and modified timber Pandas aren’t the only animals that like bamboo –

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Raising the bar on sustainability strategies

A lot of companies want to make their operations more sustainable, but in their efforts to do so, many overlook the importance of developing a strategy and setting measurable goals. It’s therefore noteworthy when a company integrates both successfully

Better energy performance in homes gets green light from ministers

One bright note from last week’s Building Ministers Forum was an agreement to progress work to increase the energy performance requirements for residential construction under the National Construction Code for the planned 2022 iteration. The move is hard on

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