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Who Needs A Shovel? Paramus Family Melts Snowfall Away

PARAMUS, N.J. Unlike most New Jerseyans, the Parikh family of Paramus couldn’t wait for Winter Storm Jonas — it let them try out their one-of-a-kind geothermal/solar snow-melt system for the first time. The snow might have climbed over two

Five Things you should know about Energy in Chicago

Businesses don’t have financial incentives to transition to clean energy, and it’s limiting Illinois’ environmental progress. Last week, The Energy Times held its first major conference here in Chicago, offering insights at a three-day series of speakers, panels and tours


Michigan State looks to the sun to solve Earth’s biggest problems.

The brilliant star at the center of our solar system still has untapped potential. By finding new ways to harness power from the sun, scientists could turn windows of skyscrapers into solar panels that create electricity — without obstructing


3 ways to make old homes more sustainable and energy efficient

You don’t need to start from scratch to have a more efficient home. Find out how you can boost your home’s environmental credentials with some smart retrofits. Building regulations require today’s new homes to be more eco-friendly than ever

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