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The Lumber Bubble Burst. What to Expect Moving Forward.

After climbing to historic heights this spring, lumber prices are headed back down—fast. Last week the cash price per thousand board feet of lumber fell $211 to $1,113, according to industry trade publication Random Lengths. That's down 27% from its $1,515


Dropping Installation Costs Drive Massive Growth in Solar Panel Systems

When Mike Rain and his wife purchased their new house from Tri Pointe Homes at Bloom at Green Valley in Fairfield, Calif., in April 2020, they went from paying $50 to $80 per month for electricity at their previous home to


Sustainable Buildings are a Win-Win

January 2020 now seems like a lifetime ago. The way we lived, the priorities we had, the hugs we shared. Was that really us? While our notions of safety, wellbeing and personal space have shifted dramatically in the last

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