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Our mission is to heal impoverished communities with holistic health education and love.

We are building an Earthship Community Center to support this mission with Love, Loving, Love – A West Philadelphia Organization (501(c)3 non-profit) that supports children through good nutrition and de-escalation. Love, Loving, Love is in response to the rise of violence in and around Philadelphia public high schools.

Both the earthship and the de-escalation rooms admirably exist to break cycles — one to break a cycle of abuse toward the environment, and the other to counter a perpetuated idea of what forms of discipline actually make for a well-behaved, de-stressed human.

Love, Loving Love, Inc is a registered nonprofit in Pennsylvania. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

“Our plan is to be able to do our services out of the earthship. “So instead of building the room inside of a school, we’re hoping to build a room inside of the earthship that will allow the kids to come into the room after school.”

“I could either have a child come to me today or 19 years from today as my purse-snatcher,” Ali-Campbell said. “I want to be part of the solution.”

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Rashida Ali-Campbell, who founded her holistic health services nonprofit LoveLovingLove in 2007, is opening what she calls a “de-escalation room” in a low-income neighborhood in West Philadelphia, at 675 N. 41st St.

Levels of Support

There are many ways to support this project. Please get involved and help West Philadelphia.

  • $20,000 Room Name.
  • $15,000 Dinner with Michael Reynolds
  • $10,000 Stairway Tower Name
  • $5,000 Main Entry Front Door name
  • $5,000 Top Level Railing name
  • $4,000 Main Entry Back Door name
  • $4,000 Online Academy Attendance, anytime
  • $4,000 Physical Academy Attendance, anytime
  • $3,000 Engraved Name on Bricks – May be flagstones in floor and/or walkway
  • $3,000 Global Model Construction Drawings Set
  • $3,000 2 night stay in any Earthship Nightly Rental
  • $1,600 Windows, Engraved Name in Window Box.
  • $500 – Lifetime Earthship Membership   

The general concept is as follows: The room, equipped with a vetted counselor and decked out with art, a waterfall, comfortable chairs, fresh foods and speakers with soothing music, serves as a way to teach adults how to manage their stress and, most importantly, gives parents a place to send their kids when they misbehave.

Why? Because she believes in compassion over condemnation.

“We believe love heals all things,” Ali-Campbell told PhillyVoice. “We live in a society where we want people to ‘pay,’ and we look at somebody suffering as payment. But who says that punishment has to be suffering? Why can’t punishment be transformative? The whole point of punishing is to stop a behavior, not hurt them.”