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Elevate Your Lifestyle: Pangea Design/Build’s Vision for Sustainable Off-Grid Homesteads

2024-01-10T18:53:20-08:00Categories: Buildings, Geo-Directory, Heating & Cooling, Waste Water|

At Pangea Design/Build, we believe that the home is more than a structure; it's a sanctuary woven into the fabric of nature. Our commitment to sustainable off-grid living is at the core of everything

5 Reasons Why HempWool is the Best Insulation Choice for your Next Project

2021-11-30T08:41:14-08:00Categories: Heating & Cooling|

When we think of insulation often times, the color pink and the feeling of itchiness is what comes to mind. While insulation is designed to reduce energy costs, in that sense, any insulation could

Off Grid and Self-Sustaining Homes with Jonah Reynolds

2021-08-29T20:44:16-07:00Categories: Buildings, Catch Water, Disaster Relief, Electricity, Food, Heating & Cooling, How To, Permits, Tire Walls, Waste Water|

Have you heard of Earth Ships? This episode is with Jonah Reynolds, Earthship Biotect - which is the number one eco-construction and self-sufficient living design. Off-grid, self-sustainable houses. Absolutely an alternative investment. We

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