Advanced Solar PV Certification Earthship Ohio

2019-02-28T17:24:02-06:00Buildings, Electricity, Geo-Directory|

Anticipating the desire for people to advance their knowledge and skills in renewable energy technology and begin advanced-level careers in the solar PV industry, ETA® International hosted an advanced-level solar panel, or photovoltaic (PV),

Owners show off Prairies’ first energy-efficient ‘passive home’

2018-12-21T23:39:25-06:00Geo-Directory, Heating & Cooling|

Jim Spinney and Holly Ann Knott have one of the most unique homes in the Prairies – even though they don’t really want that designation. “We don’t want to remain unique,” Knott told CTV

Audit Faults New York City for Not Using Vacant Lots for Affordable Housing


New York City's scarcity of inexpensive land is often cited as an impediment to building more affordable housing, but the comptroller's office has identified more than 1,000 city-owned vacant lots across the boroughs that

Who Needs A Shovel? Paramus Family Melts Snowfall Away

2018-12-21T23:40:14-06:00Geo-Directory, Heating & Cooling|

PARAMUS, N.J. Unlike most New Jerseyans, the Parikh family of Paramus couldn’t wait for Winter Storm Jonas — it let them try out their one-of-a-kind geothermal/solar snow-melt system for the first time. The snow

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