Pangea Builders receives permit to build an Earthship in Pennsylvania, 20 minutes north of Philadelphia. The project is an Earthship ‘TinyHome’ greenhouse in Ambler, PA. The ‘Tiny Earthship’ will provide for year-round greenhouse growing with catch water and solar/thermal dynamics to keep the building comfortable.

Ambler floorplan tiny earthship

Rammed Earth in Tires to form structural walls is a permitted wall system in the state of Pennsylvania. This is a big deal as it help all future Earthship projects in Pennsylvania and across the country. Getting a permit for tire walls can be an issue depending what county you are in. This earthship permit sets a precedence for rammed earth tire walls as a structural wall system across the country.

We are inviting the public to participate and learn on this build. Pangea Builders School will take 10 students for this two week build. Students will learn all about building an earthship, catching water and solar/thermal dynamics to keep building comfortable. Sign up with the form below, details on this build are sent upon form submission. 

September 10 – September 19, 2018
Ambler, PA ‘Tiny Earthship’ greenhouse

  • Earthship Workshop Sign Up.

    We will contact you for questions, payment, scheduling, tools list, etc. Provide your dates to attend. Participate as much or as little as you like. Choose any dates between June 18 and July 31. Weekends are off.

Ambler elevation tiny earthship Ambler elevation tiny earthship

Ambler section tiny earthship