The Philadelphia Earthship will be the first Earthship built in a major U.S city, making it the first urban Earthship in America. LoveLovingLove Inc., partnered with Earthship Biotecture, Sustainable Solutions and local organizations is working to transforn vacant land, abandoned homes and illegally dumped tires into profit generating real estate for low income neighborhoods.

Earthship Philadelphia

Design Principles

An Earthship is a building operating by these principles:

Electricity: from sun and wind.
– Water: from rain and snow.
– Sewage:sanitary treatment.
– Heating & Cooling: from sun and earth.
– Food: grow inside and outside.
– Building with Natural and Recycled Materials.

Earthship Philadelphia

You can also volunteer to be a part of this historical process. Email us at with your area of interest!

– Raising Awareness
– Fundraising
– Architectural Design
– Media
– The actual build (labour intensive)

Earthship Philadelphia

Philadelphia Earthship Embassy
The Earthship will be an Embassy of Sustainability similar to the Educational Facility at Earthship HQ in Taos, New Mexico.  The public can visit, learn, experience, garden, tour, watch movies, attend lectures, and attend the Earthship Academy to learn to build these homes.


Earthship Philadelphia

west philadelphia earthship

Philadelphia Earthship

West Philadelphia Earthship

West Philadelphia Earthship Urban Earthship in West Philadelphia