Earthship Philadelphia

Donate today for the Solar/biofuels Electricity & Hot Water System for the first Urban Earthship Demonstration & Education Center in West Philadelphia.

Donate now at (opens a new window).

Solar panels, batteries, charge controller, water heater, etc. We need about $25,000. We have really awesome gifts for the supporters of this project.

The Philadelphia Earthship is the first Earthship built in a major U.S city, making it the first urban Earthship in America.
Location: 675 N 41st St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Urban Earthship in West Philadelphia

LoveLovingLove Inc., and local organizations in working to transform vacant land, abandoned homes and illegally dumped tires into profit generating real estate benefiting low income neighborhoods via green buildings education, ‘green’ job-training and neighborhood food production.

Philadelphia Earthship Embassy
The Earthship will be an Embassy of Sustainability. The public can visit, learn, experience, garden, tour, watch movies, attend lectures and learn to build these Earthship homes.



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Rashida Ali-Campbell

earthship philadelphia

West Philadelphia Earthship

West Philadelphia Earthship

West Philadelphia Earthship

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