Earthship Construction Drawings Three Bedroom Earthship with a two car garage.

Building Size: 2,760 sf. & 980 sf garage.

* This Earthship is designed to be completely off-grid. It will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

* This design has been built in many different climates all over the world.

section 3bed 2bath 2car garage

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Construction Drawings Set

  • A1 Floor Plan
  • A2 Tire Wall Floor Plan
  • A3 Footing Plan
  • A4 Buttresses
  • A5 Frontface Structure
  • A6 North/South Section
  • A7 East/West Section
  • A8 Framing Plan
  • A9 Wall Details
  • A10 Truss Details
  • M1 Water Supply
  • M2 AC Electrical Plan
  • M3 DC Electrical Plan
  • M4 Greywater Plan
  • M5 Blackwater Plan
  • M6 Structural Notes
  • TBC Tire Building Code

US $2,000 for this earthship construction set.
Purchase now, online at

* Adjustments / Customizing these drawings is available at an hourly rate.

* We are available to help you build this Earthship. From basic consultation and support to complete turn-key solutions.


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