To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of support for the One Art Community Center and the One Art Oasis Farm: Urban Sustainability Project.

This project proposes to utilize the vacant land located at 5128-5146 Warren Street, 5141 and 5129 Harlen Street 19131 to be a model of urban sustainability.

The One Art Community Center will continue to expand their already existing educational Farm which has focused on transforming vacant space into a sustainable local food system providing healthy foods, creating new jobs, and providing interactive educational opportunities for the community.
OneArt Community Center
They will increase the community's accessibility to organic fruits and vegetables. They will also provide education on sustainable practices in their existing orchard and organic learning garden which will offer hands on learning, promoting healthy environment, and empower the community to also grow their own food.This will be a part of the continuing efforts of the One Art Center to develop and present innovative artistic and educational programs for students of all ages.

This expansion will assist the One Art Community Center to continue Our Mission to provide an inspirational space and programming which embraces and embodies positive values through the arts, education, cultural, and community engagement.

OneArt Community Center

Providing programs that facilitate holistic healing, foster environmental sustainability, cultivate collaborative partnerships, and promote collective growth and unity within the community.


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