Costa Rica Sustainable Water Management Workshops


April 19 – May 10, 2018

Home Retrofit: Greywater Planters, Blackwater Planters, Catchwater System

  • Accommodations: A student house next to the job site.
  • Food: Local markets and cafes.
  • Travel: Fly in to Liberia, Costa Rica. Shuttles are available.
  • Participate as much or as little as you like. Attend one day or all days.
  • 10am – 4pm each days. Sundays are off.
  • Tools list and more details upon registration.
  • Textbooks available for purchase.
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Home Retrofit: Greywater Planters, Blackwater Planters, Catchwater System

  • Dig planters into the ground and line with plastic.
  • Plumbing lines to and from the buildings.
  • Solar powered recirculation.
  • Cisterns to catch water with WOM (Water Organizing Modules).
  • Supply fresh water, year round.
  • Contain and treat laundry machine greywater.

Greywater Planter

  • size: 150 sf. / 7’ x 21’ rectangle. depth: 3’ – 5’ slope.
  • gWOM for greywater irrigation.

Blackwater Planter

  • planter size: 77sf. / 7’ x 11’ rectangle. depth: 3’ – 5’ slope.
  • bWOM for toilets supply.


  • Gutters to downspouts to silt catches to cisterns to filters.
  • WOM pumps and filters water to house and to a fruit-tree grove down-slope.
  • Cisterns

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