Stockton University will host a multi-media interactive lecture, Earthship360, presented by Jonah Reynolds, a spokesperson and designer/builder of the modern sustainable buildings, on Thursday, April 7, 4:40pm-6:00pm. Mr. Reynolds’ company, Earthship360, based near Philadelphia, PA, designs and builds structures that allow individuals, communities, cities, and entire regions to live as independently and as possible.

The discussion will focus on sustainable, passive building design and construction for single family, multi-family and communities – and will include a Q&A.

The documentary short, New Solutions, will screen at the lecture.  An inspiring and personal story about a group of people building sustainable housing in the Baja California peninsula in Mexico, it also serves as an introductory guide to building alternative sustainable housing, as well as describing with the use of animation, how these buildings offer solutions to today’s most important issues like: energy,water,food, shelter, sewage and recycling.

New Solutions Earthship Movie

Locally, Earthship360 is partnering with the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) to construct a sustainable visitor center at the ACUA’s wind and solar farm in Atlantic City. Dubbed the ACUA Sustainable Living Research Center, the structure will offer students of all ages the opportunity to study the leading edge sustainable technologies and designs first hand. The Research Center will demonstrate the principles of sustainability and inspire visitors to enhance their own quality of life, while reducing the impact of human activity on the planet.

This University event is the first at Stockton, which extended the invitation to Mr. Reynolds whose company is involved in several building projects in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, two of which are for non-profit organizations that focus on efforts that will unite communities, create opportunities for less fortunate citizens of Philadelphia and decrease crime.

Sustainable SolutionsThe event is admission free and will be held at the University Center at 101 Vera King Farris Drive, Galloway, New Jersey 08205.

The earthship concept was created by Michael Reynolds whose company, Earth ship Biotecture is based in Taos, New Mexico. Jonah Reynolds, learned the craft literally, from his dad starting when he was a toddler. He has accompanied Michael Reynolds and coordinated building projects, multi-day seminars, lectures and other Earthship-related activities in the United States and throughout the world. Jonah’s Philadelphia based company brings Earthship360 offerings directly to the mid-Atlantic area on a permanent basis. It offers a full suite of design and construction services individually tailored to the requirements of each project. The company’s expertise is derived from decades of experience on all sides of the design / build equation.

Retrofit: Earthship360 can retrofit an existing building to be completely off-grid. We recognize and appreciate the value of retaining elements of the existing built environment whenever feasible and appropriate.
Consulting: Earthship360 has the knowledge and experience to be able to find solutions for any problem or design challenge to ensure happier buildings and a top quality finished product, time and again.

For more information and press inquiries:
Jonah Reynolds / Earthship360 :
Monica Coffey / ACUA: / (609)-272-6921


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