3 bedroom, 2 bath Global Model Earthship Drawings


Three bedroom, Two bathroom Global Model Earthship Construction and Permit Drawings Set.

Does NOT include a permit. All sales are final.

Included drawing sheets:

  • A-1 Floorplan
  • A-2 North/South Section
  • A-3 East/West Section
  • A-4 Footings Plan
  • A-5 Interior Frontface Structure
  • A-6 Framing Plan
  • M-1 AC Electrical Plan
  • M-2 DC Electrical Plan
  • M-3 Water Supply
  • M-4 Liquid Waste Water
  • M-5 Greywater



3bed-2bath-global-modified-tire-floorplanTire Wall Floorplan

3bed-2bath-global-north-south-structureNorth/South Section

3bed-2bath-global-east-west-structureEast/West Section

3bed-2bath-global-modified-footingplanFootings Plan

3bed-2bath-global-frontface-structureInterior Frontface Structure

3bed-2bath-global-framing-planFraming Plan

3bed-2bath-global-ac-electrical-planAC Electrical Plan

3bed-2bath-global-dc-electrical-planDC Electrical Plan

3bed-2bath-global-water-supplyWater Supply

3bed-2bath-global-black-water-supplyBlackwater Plan

3bed-2bath-global-grey-water-supplyGreywater Plan

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