Guinea School Library Earthship Project

Help build a sustainable earthship school library that keeps cool with zero fossil fuels.

Primary School Hadjia Aicha Bah at Yimbaya Commune Matoto
Ecole Primeire Hadjia Aicha Bah at Yimbaya Commune Matoto

Guinea School Library Project in Collaboration with Pangea Builders
We are raising funds to teach Guinean people sustainable solutions through building a super sustainable library for primary school children. Pangea Builders aid working with and teaching children at the primary school and the rest of the community. Students from around the world work to learn this type of sustainable construction and systems and immerse into the beautiful culture of Guinea.

guinea primary school sustainable library
guinea primary school sustainable library
  • We are helping through doing.
  • Build a library for the school.
  • Demonstrate sustainable solutions to children, community and the Nation of Guinea.
  • The library keeps itself cool and comfortable through thermal and solar dynamics.

The children will have a comfortable library to research, study and achieve a heightened awareness of super sustainable buildings they can share with their families and friends.

Eco Guinea Foundation addresses extreme poverty through sustainable local infrastructure.

The mission of EcoGuinea is to promote low-cost eco-solutions that address basic needs (such as sewage, water, power, housing and food production and health prevention) and create local infrastructure for self-sufficiency.

EcoGuinea fosters healthy, thriving communities in the Republic of Guinea by supporting families to improve their lives through green, practical and low-cost solutions.

ecoguinea foundation leader with children
ecoguinea foundation leader with children