Géonef Valley of Cele
We will follow on this page the steps and the progress of the construction of our bioclimatic and autonomous house, inspired Earthship. It will also be used to organize the participatory project. Cécile & Martin

We are a couple in our thirties, and we lived in the suburbs of Paris, then in Paris, in Chartres, and now near Figeac! It’s been three and a half years since we met, and at that time we were both looking for more harmony in our lives, well aware of the chalenges that humanity had been facing for many years. We left the Parisian life which became for us more and more difficult and went to Chartres to seek a ground to settle us.

It is by a way that we find ourselves in the Lot to build an Earthship.

There’s a phrase we like a lot that says, “You do not have to make life work, you just have to let it work.” It took a lot of brakes before things started to roll, is it a coincidence that today we are building a house with tires? We do not believe in chance … Well, just a few words to share a bit of our vision and to testify once again that everything is possible and that the only obstacles are our negative beliefs about ourselves, others and life. We have had many negative experiences in response to the violence we can witness every day in the world presented to us. We have chosen to stop feeding this negativity through our reactions and to be ourselves the transformation we want to see in the world. We now know for ourselves that there is nothing more powerful and

We are not just building a house for our own sake, we are doing it to inspire ourselves as we have been by others by creating a place where we can experiment with many others. aspects of what can work in harmony with our environment and not at its expense.

It is an immense joy to be actively involved in the transformation of the world through positive action by being a little more on the global network that has been in place for many years. Will the new world be ready when the old world crumbles? We do not know, but what matters is not the result, what counts is every moment lived, so at this moment what do you choose?

In any case you are welcome to support us in our approach, by helping us to build this place and at the same time by learning through this experience and the meetings you will make.

Cécile & Martin

Hello everyone,

summer has passed quickly by us, with the aim of finishing for the winter, a small new inhabitant joining us very soon!

Previously on the construction site, loose hemp has been passed all over the ceiling, from the inside, sacred mission! The bathroom has taken quite a bit of shape and has been in operation for quite some time, the lime / sand finishes of the walls have been passed almost everywhere, the cells have been sealed and filled, the edges coated with earth-straw while waiting for their finishing, the plumbing is finished !! The cladding of the inner and outer sides too. The brick walls of bottles are started, the front of the house has been covered with earth, and the slab of lime and flat stones of the greenhouse is on its end!

The open house weekend went very well, still beautiful meetings and beautiful moments shared!

We will now start the complete finishing of the room, and then on the walls and floors missing, then the ceilings … To finish with the doors, structure of the kitchen, closet … and here we can say we finished 😉

Go there is almost :-)! Thank you to all who help us and support us!

We still need help on the site until the end of November so that the house is ready in time for the little one! So do not hesitate to contact us (!