Bernie Marcus, Founder of Home Depot, shares with us the power of the concept of Tzedaka (charity) during times of tragedy.  When a tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, 200-300 yards away from a Home Depot store, 24 people lost their lives and over 1,000 homes and businesses were destroyed.

Firefighters and rescuers came into the Home Depot stores and were allowed to take whatever tools they needed, such as shovels, picks, and power saws, in order to start rebuilding the town.

Soon enough, people were starting to bring in lost pets found on the streets to the store, providing them with warmth and shelter until their owners came to claim them. Home Depot even arranged for 4 local veterinarians to come and volunteer their time free of charge to aid injured animals from the storm.

Whenever tragedy strikes, Home Depot is there to help! And there is never any publicity about this, as Marcus points out, because true Tzedaka is giving without expecting anything in return.

Marcus says that Tzedaka is a strong part of their livelihood and success. He was raised with the values of giving Tzedaka and he has instilled this belief into his business.

Kol HaKavod!

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