Free Earthship Workshop. May 6 – May 31. Finishes & Systems.

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– Solar power and start up, residential wiring, fixture installation and grid interconnection.
– Solar hot water installation, plumbing, principles and fire up.
– Cistern installation, plumbing and burial.
– Household plumbing and inspections dealing with local municipalities and sustainable/alternative construction.
– Septic installation and black water cell tutorial.  Dealing with environmental repercussions.

– Finish Plaster interior and exterior pertaining to earthship construction.
– Finish Flooring within an earthship environment dealing with thermal mass.
– Kitchen finishes inclusive of cabinet and fixture installation.
– Bathroom finishes inclusive of fixture install and sustainable systems applications.


We will be on the job site Monday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm.
This is an invitation to join us. Travel, Accommodations and Food are all available locally.
This is hands-on work in construction, in Florida. Please dress and prepare yourself accordingly.
You are welcome to join us for as many days as you want.

24422 53rd Ave E., Myakka, Florida, 34251

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