Free Florida Earthship Workshop. May 6 – May 31. Finishes & Systems.

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Florida Earthship Overview

– Solar power and start up, residential wiring, fixture installation and grid interconnection.
– Solar hot water installation, plumbing, principles and fire up.
– Cistern installation, plumbing and burial.
– Household plumbing and inspections dealing with local municipalities and sustainable/alternative construction.
– Septic installation and black water cell tutorial.  Dealing with environmental repercussions.

– Finish Plaster interior and exterior pertaining to earthship construction.
– Finish Flooring within an earthship environment dealing with thermal mass.
– Kitchen finishes inclusive of cabinet and fixture installation.
– Bathroom finishes inclusive of fixture install and sustainable systems applications.

– We will be on the job site Monday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm.
– This is an invitation to join us. Travel, Accommodations and Food are all available locally.
– This is hands-on work in construction, in Florida. Please dress and prepare yourself accordingly.
– You are welcome to join us for as many days as you want.
– Accommodations Option: We’re a b&b located 10 minutes from your Earthship in Myakka City.  For those looking for accommodations, please pass along our info: 1-347-467-0515 /

24422 53rd Ave E., Myakka, Florida, 34251

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