Earthship360 is an educational and research organization providing sustainable buildings for residential, commercial and government use.


Earthship360 is dedicated to providing a comprehensive package that would aim to allow individuals, communities, cities, and entire regions to thrive as independently as possible, while acting in harmony with our environment, among various cultures, and within the world economy. The difference between Earthship360’s holistic approach and those of other actors in this field, however, is that we blend a high-level, broad-spectrum worldview with excellence in creating the built environment that in turn allows for a comprehensive, value added product—structures, amenities, and lifestyle concierge services—that extend beyond the structures themselves.

The sustainable building industry is maturing into a responsible, profit-centered growth industry. Technology has advanced to the point where sustainable building practices are increasingly incorporated into structures of all kinds today. For example, the transition to LED lighting represents just one thread in a broader trend towards “greener living” prevalent in mainstream consumption habits. From an architectural perspective, sustainable buildings are now virtually indistinguishable from the flow and design of contemporary conventional designs; no longer does a high performance building need to appear as if were extracted from the set of a science fiction film. And these buildings achieve this seamless integration with existing architectural standards while, for example, utilizing materials that contribute to environmental stewardship. Earthship360 believes that the construction industry will need to continue to meet the demands of sustainable living for the sake of a viable future for the planet and its inhabitants.

Earthship360 offers a comprehensive suite of community development services that allow individuals, communities, and cities to completely thrive as independently as possible, while simultaneously recognizing and intelligently finding ways to integrate practical solutions that address the reality of a broadly interconnected world and economy.

Earthship360 provides turnkey buildings that provide for all basic needs, we also offer programs and consultation for ways to accelerate and augment personal and collective growth and enterprise. Heightened comfort and self-sufficiency lead to real independence, and the result is a truly sustainable interdependence fortified by genuine abundance along with the equitable distribution of goods and services.

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