How to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient, and Smart

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During the long, cold slog from January to spring, it’s a time-honored tradition to stay inside, snuggle under blankets, and watch competing Fyre Festival documentaries back to back. But even though you’re relaxing, your

5 steps to a sustainable, energy-efficient home

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For the 21st-century home, building with environmental sustainability in mind is a must. A sustainable, energy-efficient home makes the most effective use of building materials and natural energy. Many home builders look for new

Michigan State looks to the sun to solve Earth’s biggest problems.

2021-08-29T21:09:21-07:00Categories: Electricity|

The brilliant star at the center of our solar system still has untapped potential. By finding new ways to harness power from the sun, scientists could turn windows of skyscrapers into solar panels that

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