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Green buildings will have to go beyond conserving energy

2018-09-25T03:10:51-06:00Buildings, Catch Water, Electricity, Heating & Cooling, Waste Water|

Buildings designed by Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta often look like the mountain peak for which the company is named. Snøhetta’s designs are simple, stark, and by all accounts breathtaking. But the company’s latest

Failing infrastructure endangers drinking water systems across the U.S.

2018-09-25T03:13:14-06:00Catch Water|

Deep inside a complex of huge tanks, drinking water for Iowa’s capital city is constantly cleansed of the harmful nitrates that come from the state’s famously rich farmland. Without Des Moines Water Works, the

Solar Installers Should Bundle Panels With Heat Pumps

2018-09-25T03:16:33-06:00Catch Water, Electricity|

Solar installers could offer rooftop customers even more savings by bundling solar panels with heat pumps and other electric appliances, according to a recent study by the Rocky Mountain Institute. RMI studied the carbon benefits and financial costs 

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