Actress and activist Sophia Bush sits down with experts to get the answers to our audience’s most pressing questions about today’s most confusing topics, with emphasis on the straightforward facts you, ahem, need to know.

Sustainable switches for the home may well be kind to the Earth, but they’re often not cost-friendly—at least not upfront. With this in mind, it’s clear that not everyone has the financial bandwidth to support making certain eco-friendly swaps. So, when taking into account both your finances and the environment, it’s helpful to be aware of environmentally friendly investments that may show you a return. That is, certain sustainable choices and lifestyle swaps stand to offer the long-term benefit of saving you money in the future.

In the latest episode of the Well+Good web series Need To Knowhost, activist, and actress Sophia Bush discusses such environmentally friendly investments with sustainability expert Jhànneu Roberts. And according to Roberts, anyone’s journey towards making their home more sustainable should begin with looking through the garbage.