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Web Browser

  • Chrome: 47%
  • Safari: 23%
  • Firefox: 9%
  • Internet Explorer: 7.5%



  • Desktop: 56%
  • Mobile: 36.5%
  • Tablet: 7.2%


Operating System

  • Windows: 42%
  • iOS: 22%
  • Android: 20%
  • Mac: 12%
  • Linux: 1.5%

Mobile Devices

  • Apple iPhone: 33.3%
  • Apple iPad: 10.6%
  • Apple iPhone 6s: 1.39%
  • Samsung: 3%

Interests: Affinity

  • Media & Entertainment / Movie Lovers
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  • News & Politics
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Worldwide Sustainable Solutions

The Latest News on

  • Organic Solar Cells meet a major Milestone

    organic-solar-cell-moduleChinese researchers have taken what they say is a major step forward for the development of a new generation of solar cells. Manufacturers have long used silicon to make solar panels because the material was the most efficient at converting sunlight into electricity. But organic photovoltaics, made from carbon and plastic, promise a cheaper way of generating electricity. This new… Read more…

  • California Earthship Cabin by Taylor & Steph Bode

    earthship-cabin-santa-cruz-1A 560 square feet earthship home in The Santa Cruz Mountains in California. Hey guys! We're Taylor and Steph Bode. In early 2013, we set out on an adventure to find land in California where we could build an Earthship-inspired cabin for ourselves. We had been studying Earthships in Taos, NM and made it our mission to build a self-sufficient… Read more…

  • 10 Beautiful ‘Off The Grid’ Homes

    romania-offgridBig cities and luxuries aren't for everybody. If you're someone who enjoys the outdoors and a simple life, maybe its time to consider moving off the grid. Its not just for criminals anymore. The Homes and Garden TV network has a show where regular couples and families looking for an adventure rent or buy a home completely off the beaten… Read more…

  • Does insulation affect cell phone signals?

    Your insulation could be killing your mobile signalA few years ago we had cavity wall insulation put into the walls. It makes sense really – keeping the heat in during the winter and ensuring that your home is nice and cool during the summer months. I know lately, with the UK going through a prolonged heatwave, we’ve not felt as warm so it must be working. In… Read more…

  • Turn a livestock watering tank into a backyard pool.

    Do-it-yourselfers are turning livestock watering tanks into backyard pools. Here’s how.In a secluded corner of Joshua Tree, Calif., a livestock tank painted white, surrounded with cactuses and crowned with black string lights serves as an outdoor tub for ultrahip Airbnb "The Shack Attack," owned by Kathrin and Brian Smirke. The tub, which the Smirkes dreamed up as a respite from the desert elements, quickly took on new life as an… Read more…

  • Green buildings boost health, productivity and value.

    Sustainable Designs for Cold ClimatesBuildings account for one-third of the world’s greenhouse gases, according to the United Nations. While there’s certainly an opportunity to improve that performance through sustainability measures, taking those actions also can address the fundamental elements that make for a healthy and productive work environment. Research sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that Americans spend more than 90… Read more…

  • Indigenous Communities Moving Away From Government Utilities

    sustainable citiesIndigenous communities are rejecting non-indigenous energy projects in favour of community-led sustainable energy infrastructure. The switch has led to some improvements in economic and social development as well as capacity-building for self-governance, according to a study from the University of Waterloo.   "Many indigenous communities decided to take back control of their own energy production and not rely so heavily… Read more…

  • Live in an Earthship on Mars

    mars colony planviewMost people try their best to avoid residing six feet (or more) underground. But if you want to live on Mars, that might be your only option. This week, SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell sat down for an interview with CNBC. During a chat about the synergy between Elon Musk’s various companies, she made a bold prediction about humanity’s potential… Read more…

  • Communities Turn to Reusing Wastewater

    orange county anaheim millerWith the era of dam building coming to an end in much of the developed world, places such as California and Australia are turning to local and less expensive methods to deal with water scarcity, including recycling wastewater, capturing stormwater, and recharging aquifers. When California’s Orange County Water District began distributing drinking water derived from sewage in the mid-1970s, it… Read more…