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  • Firefox: 9%
  • Internet Explorer: 7.5%



  • Desktop: 56%
  • Mobile: 36.5%
  • Tablet: 7.2%


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  • Windows: 42%
  • iOS: 22%
  • Android: 20%
  • Mac: 12%
  • Linux: 1.5%

Mobile Devices

  • Apple iPhone: 33.3%
  • Apple iPad: 10.6%
  • Apple iPhone 6s: 1.39%
  • Samsung: 3%

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Worldwide Sustainable Solutions

The Latest News on

  • Minneapolis Apartment Buildings: One is Green and One is Not, a Comparison.

    Minneapolis Green Apartment BuildingsLook-alike apartment buildings in northeast Minneapolis showcase new ideas in energy efficiency. Apartment project in Mpls. features two buildings: One built with an emphasis on going green, another more traditional. At first glance a pair of side-by-side apartment buildings slated to be built on an industrial site in northeast Minneapolis look nearly identical. They are not. One building will be built… Read more…

  • A Different Kind of Perpetual Motion Machine

    carbon dioxide moleculeTurning Carbon Emissions Into Fuel Sounds Like Perpetual Motion, But Real. Not exactly the clean energy you're used to. Factories and manufacturing plants power almost everything we do on a daily basis, but they also cause great harm to the plant by releasing tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The threat these emissions pose to the environment has spurred a… Read more…

  • Tiny-House Inspired by Earthship Concepts

    earthship inspired tiny house steve living big tiny houseTiny living is affording a growing number of people financial freedom and a simpler, but more fulfilling lifestyle. Many are finding that they can live mortgage-free, without necessarily giving up more conventional paths to financial security. For example, some might be paying off a mortgage on a regular-sized home, but to do so, they rent it out and live in… Read more…

  • Earthship Lands in Myakka, Florida

    Construction Workshops for all levels of enthusiasts, Students & Pros December 11 through February 2. Volunteer Opportunities Earthships are advanced sustainable “off-the-grid/grid-ready" homes with minimal reliance on both public utilities and fossil fuels. These structures rely primarily on sun energy to power all a home’s power needs.  This Myakka, Florida earthship build provides an exceptional educational opportunity to learn hands-on skills… Read more…

  • 7 steps to make your home more sustainable toward a green building

    At present, there are around seven billion people on the planet. And each one of us draws on the Earth’s natural resources. Unsurprisingly, this takes a huge toll on Mother Earth. This makes it imperative for each one of us to do our part when it comes to conserving our planet’s resources by pushing and going for more sustainable ways… Read more…

  • The Safety of Your Drinking Water

    Off-grid Water PumpsA recent report suggests that millions of Americans have good reason to worry about drinking water pollution. America’s drinking water infrastructure is aging and in serious need of modernization. Pipes are overdue for replacement, and water and wastewater treatment systems need upgrades to deal with new classes of pollutants. Changing a drinking water standard or adding a new substance to… Read more…

  • Windows that can generate electricity

    Solar Window“Smart windows” with the ability to generate electricity are the way of the future, and scientists are another step closer to making it a widespread reality. Dye-sensitized solar cells—which are thin, flexible materials that can create see-through electronic circuits—could equip buildings with windows that make electricity. One day, they could do it better than current solar panel technology. But a… Read more…

  • Vapor Barriers

    vapor barrier earthshipIn most climates, vapor barriers, or, more accurately, vapor diffusion retarders, should be part of a moisture control strategy for a home. A vapor barrier or vapor diffusion retarder is a material that reduces the rate at which water vapor can move through a material. The older term "vapor barrier" is still used even though "vapor diffusion retarder" is more… Read more…

  • Colonizing the Moon has New Hopes

    moon base discovered by japanMoon Cave Colonization In October 2017, Japan’s Selenological and Engineering Explorer probe discovered a massive underground cave on the Moon. The space, which is 100 meters (328 feet) wide and 50 kilometers (31 miles) long, is being touted as a potential location for a lunar station. In fact, some experts are asserting that the best way to live on the Moon… Read more…