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Web Browser

  • Chrome: 47%
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  • Firefox: 9%
  • Internet Explorer: 7.5%



  • Desktop: 56%
  • Mobile: 36.5%
  • Tablet: 7.2%


Operating System

  • Windows: 42%
  • iOS: 22%
  • Android: 20%
  • Mac: 12%
  • Linux: 1.5%

Mobile Devices

  • Apple iPhone: 33.3%
  • Apple iPad: 10.6%
  • Apple iPhone 6s: 1.39%
  • Samsung: 3%

Interests: Affinity

  • Media & Entertainment / Movie Lovers
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  • News & Politics
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Worldwide Sustainable Solutions

The Latest News on

  • Tesla Solar Roof Testimonial Cost and Installation

    Tesla Solar RoofOne of the first known Tesla Solar Roof residential customers has shed some light on the process for installing the unique energy producing glass roof tiles, and its costs Read more…

  • Florida Earthship Build – Summer 2018 Workshop Images

    students bottle hallwayearthship workshop. June 18 - July 31, 2018. Florida, USA. Hurricane Resistant Earthship Build. Strong, Safe, Off-grid. Volunteer, Work, Learn, Participate.
    We are working on an incomplete owner-built Earthship, finishing the structural shell and systems. Read more…

  • Windows details to help keep buildings comfortable

    earthship comfort schematicWindows provide light, air and views. They also affect heating and cooling loads through several heat transfer mechanisms. When choosing windows to reduce cooling loads, the goal is to control conduction and solar heat gain. Conduction is the transfer of heat through materials (represented by the U- value). This is the rate of non-solar heat gain or loss from the entire window assembly.… Read more…

  • End Drought: Remove Salt from Seawater

    Sundrop FarmsIn October 2017, Charlie Paton was driving across the parched plains of northwestern Somaliland when he passed a seemingly endless queue of rumbling trucks. Each was piled high with containers of grain – 47,000 tonnes in all – to be distributed as food aid across Somalia and Ethiopia. Paton was struck by the irony: it was the region’s harvest season,… Read more…

  • How To: Solar Greywater Recirculation Kit

    solar greywater recirculation kitA compact, powerful, and cost-effective mini power organizing module to supply enough energy to the DC recirculation pump so it can run 24/7 or manually via a switch.  To build the mini recirculation pump power organizing module, acquire and use the specific components listed below. Availability may vary over time.  Read more…

  • Stronger Storms are producing weaker building codes

    sustainable disaster reliefThe showdown in the Florida statehouse last year had all the drama of a knock-down political brawl: Powerful industries clashing. Warnings of death and destruction. And a surprise last-minute vote, delivering a sweeping reform bill to the governor’s desk.    The battle wasn’t about gun control, immigration or healthcare, but about making it easier to ignore national guidelines on building… Read more…

  • Green buildings will have to go beyond conserving energy

    svart hotelBuildings designed by Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta often look like the mountain peak for which the company is named. Snøhetta’s designs are simple, stark, and by all accounts breathtaking. But the company’s latest design, for a glowing ring-shaped hotel near the Arctic village of Glomfjord, Norway, is drawing attention for a slightly different reason. Inspired by the hotel’s climate-changed surroundings,… Read more…

  • The people of Cape Town are running out of water—and they’re not alone

    cape town nasaDay Zero: that’s the ominous label officials in Cape Town have bestowed on the day that water will run out. A three year drought in the region drained reservoirs faster than expected. They were full at the start of 2014, but estimates from the end of January 2018 show that water levels are now at 26 percent of capacity. When… Read more…

  • Chernobyl Is Now the World’s Unlikeliest Green Energy Experiment

    Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Solar Energy Power PlantA hundred yards from the rusting ruins at the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster, a gossamer array of almost 4,000 photovoltaic panels sits atop a thick concrete slab capping a grave of radioactive waste. When it comes to clean energy, it’s hard to think of a less likely place than Ukraine’s infamous Chernobyl nuclear plant. But final preparations… Read more…