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Worldwide Sustainable Solutions

The Latest News on

  • Earthship buildings are fire resistant, not a total loss.

    earthship fire hondoThe Question of how a structural earth-rammed tire wall would do in a fire has long been an issue for which we could only offer an intelligent opinion. People think that because tire piles in tire dumps burn so easily and are so hard to put out, that an earth-rammed tire wall would be the same. Our answer has been… Read more…

  • Packaged Earthship Model

    Packaged EarthshipA very simple and economical version of the  Earthship concept in terms of construction and building. Pre-designed drawings and partially prefabricated construction packages available.  • It can be adapted to any climate • It comes in any size • It comes as a split level for stepping up a hill • North/south dimensions cannot change but east/west can be as… Read more…

  • Simple Survival Earthships

    florida-dome-bondbeamThe Simple Survival Model Earthship evolved from the very basic prototype we constructed in Haiti. The purpose of the original Haiti build was to reevaluate the concept of necessity. No matter how well the "developed world" Earthship prototypes worked, they were absolutely out of the budget of what could be achieved in Haiti. This caused us to take life itself… Read more…

  • Vaulted Roof Earthship

    vaulted earthship overviewTwo-bedroom, Two-bathroom Vaulted Global Model Earthship. The latest Earthship design. Better, more efficient in terms of performance and construction.  Fits better into the hands of the people. Its load-bearing walls are made of discarded tires filled with sledgehammer-rammed dirt, lined up and stacked eight feet high to form a U-shaped wall that could stop a truck in its tracks (which you certainly… Read more…

  • Global Model Earthship

    Global Model Earthship Construction DrawingsOur most universal model for the developed world is the Global Model. It can be modified for almost any climate and comes in many sizes. It can also come in custom sizes. It has been built enough times that it has become a well oiled machine both in terms of performance and production. It costs around $230 per sf. The construction… Read more…

  • Utah Citizens are Signing up for Solar Power in droves.

    suntegra solar shinglesMore than 4,000 Utahns signed up to install solar panels in the 10 days before Tuesday’s deadline, becoming the last residents who will get credit under Rocky Mountain Power’s current — and more generous — terms for excess electricity delivered to its grid. More than 3,000 of the roughly 4,300 applications were filed in the final four days. The utility’s… Read more…

  • Which type of insulation is right for your home?

    insulation batts installIn fall's natural progression toward hibernation and all things cozy, preparation for your house is often forgotten. Insulation for the home can seem intimidating, but don’t let that stop you from digging deeper. You’ll find that proper insulation is key for superior home comfort and increased energy savings. Read on for some information on why your home may need its… Read more…

  • Permit granted for the EcoGuinea Earthship Library

    eco Guinea Earthship Library PermitPrimary School Hadjia Aicha Bah at Yimbaya Commune Matoto We are raising funds to teach Guinean people sustainable solutions through building a super sustainable library for primary school children. Pangea Builders is working with and teaching children at the primary school and the rest of the community.      Help build a sustainable earthship school library. In English:In response to… Read more…

  • How to Colonize Mars Succesfully, A Primer

    mars colony planviewHumanity will colonize Mars. It is inevitable. We cannot wait for everything to be perfect on Earth before we go to Mars (or the Moon). Colonizing Mars will unify Humanity in a way in which nothing else can. Pushing out into the great final frontier should be done as soon as possible with great importance. There are two schools of… Read more…